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Habitation, Commerce et artisanat, Bureaux

Date de réalisation


Ingénieur civil

Thomas Jundt ingénieurs civils

Maître de l'ouvrage

Coopérative Les Ailes et Coopérative Les Joyeux Logis

Autre(s) intervenant(s)

Hirt ing CV, Humbert ing S, Rhône-Electra ing E, Pascal Heyraud architecte paysagiste, Dinges consulting, Architecture & acoustique

Surface brute

27'453 m2






CLR architectes

Descriptif Descriptif

Two housing towers linked with an area dedicated to commercial activities, aiming at boosting the change process of the industrial sector in the PAV neighbourhood. An entrance courtyard planted with trees and opening on the neighbourhood, and roofs made available for use by the residents. A clear structure and flexible typologies for an innovative habitat use pattern. On the roofs, terraces and a social space that residents can easily make their own. Outside spaces are organized in several distinct areas : street, entrance courtyard and terrace. The street has direct contact to commercial activities while the entrance courtyard forms a smooth transition towards the inner space, very arborised and protected from external disturbances by a surrounding wall. Semi-public terrace common to the whole property, hangers for outdoor air drying and laundry rooms, external extension of the common spaces, park for the residents et playground for kids. The central core guaranties the stability of the tower and houses vertical distributions and sanitary pipes. Living spaces are therefore free from any structure and technical equipment. In addition to the variety of layouts offered on the different floors, adaptability is ensured over time. Rooms are distributed in a row on the front part, allowing a diversified and innovative use of the living space. It makes it possible to switch between a traditional use and a more open, free- flowing and communicating use. The living space is then perceived as a whole and provides a spacious and generous feel.

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Principaux prix et distinctions Principaux prix et distinctions

concours d'architecture (premier concours d’architecture du futur quartier Praille Acacias Vernets - PAV)
1er prix

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Logements Castor & Pollux - PROJET

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