Quartier les Hauts de Malagnou


Habitation, Commerce et artisanat, Bureaux

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Ingeni SA

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QUARTAL Sàrl, direction locale des travaux SB TECHNIQUE, ingénieur cvc et spécialiste protection feu ZANETTI INGENIEURS-CONSEILS, ingénieur électrique et mer TECHNOSAN SA, ingénieur sanitaire BCS SA, ingénieur en façades Jean-Jacques BORGEAUD, Bureau de paysagiste CERA SA, étude d'impact et suivi environnemental DECIBEL ACOUSTIQUE, Acousticien MBC INGEO SA, Géomètre GADZ SA, Géotechnicien

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34'300 m2




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On the plot of the former Ferrier estate, that is to say eight hectares of land near the centre of Geneva, the “Les Hauts de Malagnou" project concerns the construction of one hundred and forty-six rental apartments. Around the Ferrier house, retained to accommodate offices, four building in the form of narrow blocks form a square in the same geometry as the noble residence, and stand at the limits of the land. The one located along route de Florissant acts as a sound screen and is intended for administrative offices. A fifth and last building, a square shape on stilts, is slightly slanting in relation to the existing topology whilst adapting to the edge of the forest. The complex integrated into the wooded estate offers very pleasant living conditions. The dwellings come in a wide variety of typologies ranging from a studio apartment to a large duplex. The double aspect apartments are large and extend outside by loggias, balconies and terraces. The staircases are almost all placed on the façade to offer a link to the landscape. The walkways and outdoor facilities have been carefully designed to protect the intimacy of the estate that is a pedestrian-only area. The envelopes of all the buildings are in glass, either as elements such as windows, or cladding elements in enamelled glass with a geometric, almost pictorial, composition, alternating shades of grey.

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Quartier les Hauts de Malagnou

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