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Comité international de la Croix-Rouge et le Musée international de la Croix-Rouge et du Croissant-Rouge

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Energestion SA, Zanetti Ingénieurs Conseils, BCS S.A., Archiwatt Sàrl, d'Silence acoustique SA, Karakas et Français SA

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3'695 m2







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The new entrance for visitors and restaurant shared by the organisation and the museum is located to the west of the ICRC headquarters that date back to 1876 (occupied since 1946). Located between the original building and two administrative buildings, the entirely glazed pavilion adopts the geometry of this built environment whilst becoming rounder to better blend into the place. The circle theme is recurrent in the design: opening in the roof to protect a fine cedar tree that was there already, which also marks the entrance, entrance lobby, service block, staircase, furniture, lighting and sound absorption system consisting of small coloured cavities. The space aspires to be unified and is subdivided into three parts: the restaurant, self-service and kitchen. It is placed high up on the site and thus offers a wide view over the countryside to the south. A large spiral staircase leads to the service rooms and the international museum rooms. Built against the latter and discreetly nestling in the side of the hill that bears the central headquarters, we find the second part of the project dedicated to a temporary exhibition, in the basement, and museum administrative offices and ICRC conference rooms. The lighting of these areas is by a subterfuge that uses both the architecture and THE landscape, the slope being recreated by the new construction from which only two slightly tinted glazed bands emerge.

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CICR et MICR - Humanitarium

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