Parcfertile - parc agro-urbain


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Etat de Genève, Département de l'aménagement, du logement et de l'énergie (DALE)

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LeCové SA, Ingénieurs agronomes Impact-Concept SA, Ingénieurs en environnement

Surface brute

700 m2 (Bâtiment) - 9 ha (Surface totale)






Verzone Woods Architectes

Descriptif Descriptif

The ‘Parcfertile’ offers the image of a new park connecting the Rhône territories to the Aire while opening on the Salève and the Jura. With its fields, its farm and public park, this agro-urban park project meets both the needs of the population and of agriculture. It is a place of exchange and valorisation of local and regional agricultural products. The park is structured around differentiated spaces, dedicated mainly to leisure and recreational activities, market gardening and arboriculture. In anticipating potential use conflicts, the park fosters dialogue, mutual understanding and solidarity between two sometimes divergent worlds. Agriculture is here staged in the heart of the park and surrounded by three reception spaces creating a unique character. Three major public spaces are respectively situated at the South and North entrances of the park and in the centre of the site. Urban and rural events, daily chores at both an individual and collective level coexist without excluding one another thanks to an adequate gradation of private, collective and public use. Meant for different users with different expectations, this park is the natural support to multiple uses and practices : from contemplation to collective outpour. With a view to providing a structure and supportive venue which foster "living- together", the farming business also includes a restaurant and a market for direct sales of its products, conveniently located at the main entrance, at the southeast corner of the park. The chosen situation ensures visibility, accessibility and attractiveness thanks to its immediate proximity to the Chancy road and the tram stations.

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Parcfertile - parc agro-urbain

Chaussée de la Guinguette 1
CH - 1800 Vevey

Tél: +41 26 925 9492

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Prolongement futur de la ligne de tramway 14 et lignes de bus 42, 43, 47, K, L, NJ, S