Immeuble commercial au centre-ville


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9’240 m²




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Charles Pictet Baptiste Broillet Architectes Associés

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In the heart of Calvin's city, between the historic Rue du Marché shopping street and the buttresses of the mediaeval town, stands an edifice that replaces a nineteen fifties building that had already combined two plots, originally traversed by a public passageway that was abandoned in the course of the conceptual development process. Allocated to a luxury residential hotel, the project includes at its centre two inner courtyards that irradiate the rooms around them with soft light tinted with reflections from a ceramic tiled wall. The entrance sequence leading to the reception desk, while minimalist, enjoys a sophistication that befits its function. The hotel suites have been designed with the greatest care, in a classic progression that opens from the entrance and its services on to a multi-functional space facing the window. The night room is located at the centre of the facility with a system of translucent doors to provide both solar gain and the necessary intimacy. The façades reflect a response to two different urban situations and fulfil this role. On one hand a cleverly constructed concrete screen - a reference to the old building - stands as an almost diaphanous feature in front of a large pane of glass. The full dimension of the glass is revealed beneath the canopy showing the way to the retail shops at the lakeside; on the other, a prefabricated structure, also in coloured concrete, defines a vertical fenestration of slight contours and profiles reflecting the brick built environment of Rue de la Rôtisserie.

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Immeuble commercial au centre-ville

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